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Share some of your ideas and reflections from your reflective journal with your colleagues. You may wish to reflect on the goals you set for yourself at the beginning o


 Share some of your ideas and reflections from your reflective journal with your colleagues. You may wish to reflect on the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the term. Did you meet them? It is not necessary to share the entire journal. Do not share any reflections that you wish to remain private. 


WEEK 2 and WEEK 7  Discussion questions, you can come up with some goals that were set to help me reach the things that were described in these entries

Below was a statement that i made in my journal that I had to compose for the most valuable learning experience i learned from week 2 &7 assignment this can be utilized

week 2 Information that my peers noted in their discussion questions regarding how monitoring and managing projects are important.

week 7 This can hinder anyone not just individuals in higer ranked roles, I state this because individuals sometimes assume only people in higher power have to deal with this.

Week 2 Discussion: Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling Process Groups Procedure teams in psychological educating needs tactical application, tracking and management. Bhatt Makin and Deduluri (2023), In the article Recommendations for Implementing, Leading and participating in process groups during training in Psychiatry." Offer helpful recommendations concerning the application, tracking and managing in psychological educating. One essential method to specifying procedure works to be an accurate meaning of  the objectives and goals at the very start, this makes up identifying the groups main objective details the outcomes that the group is expected to accomplish and outline the required actions to get to them. The instructors duty is to set out the candidates responsibilities or to ensure that the candidate does not persuade the procedure. Tracking and monitoring along with managing process groups to continuously evaluate determines technicalities to ensure that they work properly and provide anticipated outcomes. Continuous comments in settings consisting of routine evaluations and comment sessions that help to check the candidates complete fulfillment degrees and development made in accomplishing the established goals. Versatility guided to the team works based upon the discussion that is considerable. When it comes to the devices and design themes it is feasible to arrange conversations complying with established patterns and standards protecting the framework and enabling the groups conversation and tasks to complete the essential subjects. Assessment standards for the procedure team may make up the candidates participation , the candidates complete fulfillment and the goals targeting ability advancement or habits alter. The article has shown an expert system of carrying out, tracking , and managing psychological educating that highlights the affect of utilizing and removing functions dealing with the program the needs for continuous efficiency evaluation and the requirement of being versatile, This method discussed will make a big effect on how the candidate of the team can be extremely experienced and ambitious. Week 7 Discussion: Distressed Projects I realized that the most challenging projects are handled best by proactive communication, preparation, and responsiveness to change. Proactively dealing with potential problems and communication during handoffs helped avoid escalations. The iterative process ensured efficient use of time and quick adaptability to changed conditions. Explicit statements of action in case the operations do not go as planned helped deal with unexpected situations. These experiences reinforced that a collaborative, knowledgeable group can overcome challenges and transform what could be disastrous into a positive means of learning and building capacity (Chen, 2021). The role of communication cannot be overlooked, and it is crucial to be open-minded and understand others’ emotions in case of deviation from the project. Much transparency and people feeling heard and valued can still help maintain morale even in a less-than-ideal situation. Adaptability is also important: the ability to challenge existing assumptions and respond with a new tactic or counter strategy when the original plan fails. Another value that is beneficial to the company would be attracting neutral outsiders who will have a different perspective and new strategies to offer. Moreover, it is important to highlight that concentrating on what can be really controlled or influenced in the most realistic perspective is crucial, as focusing on past mistakes does not contribute to further progress (Baghizadeh et al., 2020). The same problems should be periodically evaluated for the project, and the team should detect the problems beforehand and act immediately. And positive reinforcement for small accomplishments propels things forward. Most importantly, leadership establishes the overall mood of the organization – that is why it is crucial always to demonstrate the ability to remain optimistic and persistent, hold people accountable for their performance, and learn how to overcome the inevitable setbacks and hurdles that are inevitable when the industry is undergoing changes to ensure a brighter future (Ayele, 2021). References Getahun Ayele, Yehualashet. “Prevention and intervention strategies for distressed projects: The case of designated projects in Ethiopia.” American Journal of Management Science and Engineering, vol. 6, no. 6, 2021, p. 173, Baghizadeh, Z., Cecez-Kecmanovic, D., & Schlagwein, D. (2020). “Review and critique of the information systems development project failure literature: An argument for exploring information systems development project distress.” Journal of Information Technology, 35(2), 123-142. Chen, H. L. (2021). “Early identification of distressed capital projects: A longitudinal approach. “International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 14(5), 1185-1201..

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