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Please see the attached document for details. I need references for all assignments and please provide the references with each answer and peer responses. I have 1 peer response pending to make 2,500 words.



Lesson 3 Discussion

If everything went virtual how would this impact society according to two of the social theories listed in our readings or videos? (200 words).

Resources & Video

khanacademymedicine. (2014, April 9).  Macrosociology vs microsociology [Video]. YouTube.

khanacademymedicine. (2013, September 17).  Functionalism | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video]. YouTube.,

khanacademymedicine. (2013, September 17).  Social theories overview (part 1) | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video]. YouTube.

khanacademymedicine. (2014, April 10).  Social theories overview (part 2) | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video]. YouTube.

khanacademymedicine. (2013, September 17).  Symbolic interactionism | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video]. YouTube.

khanacademymedicine. (2014b, April 9).  Rational choice-exchange theory | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video]. YouTube.

Adam Clark. (2016, October 7).  Family Systems Theory Part 4 Key Concepts [Video]. YouTube.

Lesson 3 Assignment

Write a one paper using APA formatting to answer the following questions. 

As a sociologist how would you study a world pandemic?  Do you think the use of micro or macro data would provide you with the most valuable information? (300 words).

Lesson 4 Discussion

What role disparities do you find in your school or workplace?  How do they impact you and others in these settings? (200 words).

Lesson 4 Assignment

Complete the activity at the end of Chapter 4 – Television Messages About Gender Roles. 

In a one-page paper, list the shows you watched.  Then share your findings.  Answer the question, do you agree with the author that television impacts everyone’s attitude and outlook on life? (300 words).


CrashCourse. (2017, November 13).  Theories of Gender: Crash Course Sociology #33 [Video]. YouTube.

CrashCourse. (2017, August 7).  Social Stratification: Crash Course Sociology #21 [Video]. YouTube.

CrashCourse. (2017, June 20).  Socialization: Crash Course Sociology #14 [Video]. YouTube.



Discussion 3

How do social workers develop and use goals to assist them in developing as a Social Worker to handle difficult situations and all the expectations placed on them? (200 words).

Journal Entry 3

Write about your experiences at your field placement during the week.  Were you able to identify the roles, expectations, and responsibilities of generalist social workers in the agency? Could you see yourself in this type of role in the future? (250 words) 

Response to the following 2 Peer Posts needed:

Stefanie Reep (150 words)  

A Social Worker develops and uses goals to assist them in developing as a social worker to handle difficult situations and expectations by beginning with general knowledge in the field of social work and then building on that knowledge as needed in the field. Examples of this could be continuing education courses, getting to know clients, and knowing policy and procedure rules and regulations. Second, Another way to develop goals is to know the value of Social Work. This is Service- serving people in need is what you are there to do. Social justice-working for social change on behalf of people. Dignity and worth of the person- always be respectful of other people you are working with. Importance of human relationships-value the importance of human relationships. Integrity- be someone your client can trust. Competence- goes along with knowledge, know your client and know how to help. Last is gaining skills, learning skills in the Social Work profession will help you to build goals for yourself as a social worker to be the best that you can be in this profession and to set goals with your clients to make them successful. These skills to assist in this are learning empathy, good communication skills, being organized, being a critical thinker, practicing active listening, and learning self-care. 

ANDREW SUAREZ (150 words)  

Goals are important, and I think even more so in a professional setting. For example, I think social workers may use the goal setting as a way to create meaningful benchmarks for their clients. As a social worker, potentially in the case planning process when working with a new client may be the appropriate time to develop a goal for the client. The goals should be a collaborative effort but client lead and agreed to. Another way a goal can be implemented in the social work realm of things is for the social worker to have some constant PD opportunities, and it is communicated in the NASW to continues education in effort to stay up to date on policies, and industry best practices, therefore, professional development goals will help ensure that the practicing social worker is continuing to better his/her/their craft by continuing to learn new industry trends, and best practices. With annual industry learning, the social can ensure they are providing ethical care, and abiding by the NASW standards and code of ethics. 

Discussion 4

What are some ethical concerns you have experienced in your placement?  How did you handle the concerns? (200 words).

Response to the following 2 Peer Posts needed:

Stefanie Reep (150 words)  

An ethical concern I have come across falls under special treatment. Particularly in the discipline department, I see the most special treatment when it comes to disciplining students who have done the same thing. Discipline policies can run into an array of ethical issues.  When it comes to employing a zero-tolerance or second-chance policy I have seen different kids get different discipline based off of their home lives. For example, two students engaged in a fight. This was the first offense for both of them. One was a teacher's child.  The other one of our low-poverty students who didn't have a great home life. The discipline for this was the student of the teacher was out of school for 2 days under the zero-tolerance policy of physical contact. However, the other student got in-school suspension due to the fact that school l was a better environment for the student to be at for the better part of his days than home. I did ask the Assistant Principal to explain the reasoning to me for the two different punishments and voiced my opinion on how I thought there was a better more fair option. Which was for both boys to receive in-school suspension. He then told me he didn't want them to serve their time together in the same room. I didn't push the matter anymore, I felt like he already didn't need to justify his answers to me because the incident really didn't involve me. 

2nd Peer Post for Response (150 words) 


One of the ethical concerns I observed was dignity & self-worth; in addition, I also observed importance of human relationships. How these ethical concerns were observed at my placement was by observing a client that was very self-isolating and disengaged in group therapy/ program. It was also observed that connections and community appeared to challenging and not preferred for him to develop per his behavior and there appeared to be know staff support with this. This was a little disturbing to witness, especially because i don't want to overstep, and need to respect the staff, and the current agreements.

I was able to communicate my observation and concerns to the staff and they assured me they would look into it (check in with the client)  and to ensure things are ok with the client. I felt much better after I communicated my concerns with the staff about the client, and they assured they have the clients best interests as priority.

It was really great to feel safe to express and to be heard, and to witness the collaboration and support between/ amongst staff. 

Journal Entry 4

Describe your experiences during the week at your practicum.  What are your thoughts regarding your roles and responsibilities at the organization and the impact ethics play regarding your actions?  Could you see yourself working here after you complete your degree? (250 words)

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