Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Your task is to read pages 96-104 in your text and listen to a short presentation on leadership by Drew Dudley. ? After watching the presentation you are to accomplish the following: - Essayabode

Your task is to read pages 96-104 in your text and listen to a short presentation on leadership by Drew Dudley. ? After watching the presentation you are to accomplish the following:


Your task is to read pages 96-104 in your text and listen to a short presentation on leadership by Drew Dudley.  

After watching the presentation you are to accomplish the following:

1.  Identify one important concept or idea that you learned while viewing the short clip.

2.  Why do you believe that the concept or idea that you identified is important?

3.  Apply what you have learned in this video to some aspect of your life.

For your submission, incorporate information from pages 96-104 and the video.  I expect that each discussion will be at least 200 words in length.  Submit your deliverable to dropbox using Word or rtf.


Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership | TED Talk



Practicing Leadership: Principles and Applications

Chapter 5: Psychology I: Intelligence and Personality

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence – the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new and trying situations; the ability to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria.

IQ: intelligence quotient- person’s score on a standardized test designed to measure intelligence

Chapter 5: Intelligence and Personality

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Musical Intelligence

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Spatial Intelligence

Interpersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

Logical-Mathematic Intelligence

Naturalistic Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Domain Leadership Competencies
Self-Awareness: An accurate self-assessment of own strengths and weaknesses Emotional Self Awareness, Accurate Self Awareness, Self Confidence
Self-Management: Good self-control, genuine, adaptable, and achievement-oriented. Self-Control, Transparency, Adaptability, Achievement, Initiative, Optimism
Social Awareness: Keenly aware of and are able to navigate through organizational hierarchies and foster an open communication environment. Empathy, Organizational Awareness, Service
Relationship Management: Able to inspire people and help mobilize a shared mission. Inspiration, Influence, Developing Others, Change Catalyst, Conflict Management, Teamwork and Collaboration

Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

Intelligence is how well an individual deals with environmental changes

Three parts of Triarchic theory:

Componential sub theory

Experiential sub theory

Contextual sub theory


Personality – The particular way an individual affects others and understands him or herself.

Nature versus Nurture Debate – The debate over to what degree personality characteristics and traits are affected by one's genetics (nature) and environment (nurture).

Nature vs. Nurture Debate

“Nature” “Nurture”
Individual’s Role in Shaping His/Her Own Personality Passive Passive
Primary Source of One’s Leadership Skills Biology Environment
Flexibility of Individual Leadership Traits/Skills Mostly inflexible- “leaders are born, not made” Mostly flexible- “leaders are made, not born”


Components Definition Example
Affective Favorable or unfavorable feelings The workers’ feelings about the new regulations
Behavior Human actions The workers’ performance
Cognitive Beliefs, knowledge, understanding The workers’ beliefs about performance standards and supervision

The Components of Attitudes

Attitudes, Perceptions, and Attributions

Social Perceptions


Selective Perceptions

Perceptual defense


Questions for Discussion and Review

What are some of the assumptions about intelligence that are characteristic of the psychometric model?

Name two people you know who possess each of the eight intelligences outlined by Gardner.

For each of Gardner’s eight intelligences, describe a situation where possessing this intelligence would be a strength and where possessing a strength only in this intelligence would be a weakness.

What characterizes an “emotionally intelligent” leader? How about a “socially intelligent” leader?

What is the “nature/nurture” debate? What evidence supports each side? Where do most psychologists fall on the nature/nurture continuum?

Describe a situation in which your initial perception of a situation turned out to be inaccurate. What are the implications of personal attitudes and perceptions on leadership?

What is selective perception? How does it differ from stereotyping and perceptual defense?

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