Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Use the attached dataset to build RNN(with LSTM) and BERT models to classify text into three classes(Left, right, center) Explanation about the choices made while developin - Essayabode

Use the attached dataset to build RNN(with LSTM) and BERT models to classify text into three classes(Left, right, center) Explanation about the choices made while developin

Requirement ( use PYTHON as development language)


1. Use the attached dataset to build RNN(with LSTM) and BERT models to classify text into three classes(Left, right, center)

2. Explanation about the choices made while developing the models

3. Metrics for RNN and BERT models. Must include AUC and ROC curves diagrams and any other additional metrics diagrams 


text type
0 The transgender effort to suppress any recognition that men and women are different and complementary would not matter except for the movement’s political alliance with wealthy progressives and radical feminists who wish to destroy the political power of the male-and-female family. right
1 Radical Virginia Citizens Defense League has organized a rally in Richmond for January 20, and the event is already attracting out-of-state pro-gun folks, including a potential horde of white nationalists. left
2 Miller is the architect of President Donald Trump's hardline immigration policies that have separated children from parents, forced people seeking asylum in the U.S. to wait in Mexico under squalid conditions, instituted the Muslim ban and poured money from the military into border wall construction. left
3 The House Democrats’ 1,400-page coronavirus recovery bill threatens the livelihood of millions of American graduates and their families by expanding work visas for many of the roughly 1.5 million foreign college graduate contract workers who hold jobs in the United States. right
4 A specter is haunting the West; our elites see intolerant authoritarianism—along with a plethora of related “-phobias” and “-isms”—everywhere. right
5 Currently, women make up only about a quarter of workers in STEM careers, and they earn considerably less than men. left
6 Nevertheless, Trump and other Republicans have tarred the protests as havens for terrorists intent on destroying property. left
7 There is no way to fling the footage into the Trash folder, or to edit the crap out of it until it sends the “right” message. Trump’s continued demands that the world act like a reality-show producer who can keep giving him mulligans only reaffirms that he is, above all things, a narcissistic moron. left
8 For years now, Fox News has been mainstreaming arguments that used to be the province of fringe websites run by neo-Nazis and other groups who believe the U.S. is meant to be a country of white people and for white people left
9 Court filings show the NRA is in shambles — and Wayne LaPierre hopes his lawyer can ‘keep him out of jail’ left
10 Trump said he doesn't recall any direct contact with the ill employee, but that White House aides will be now tested daily for coronavirus instead of weekly. Officials would not say whether Trump himself will be tested daily. center
11 This, of course, was before the president ignored his national security team, withdrew U.S. forces from northern Syria, and effectively invited Turkey to launch a brutal offensive against our Kurdish allies. left
12 In spite of higher incomes, significant wealth-building among the middle class has not manifested, McBride pointed out. left
13 Ocasio-Cortez, who advocates for democratic socialism, is not the only Democrat in Washington, D.C., honing in on billionaires these days. right
14 Trump has also threatened to impose an additional 25 percent tariffs on $325 billion worth of imports from China. right
15 It is no secret that women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. left
16 Strategic purchases of U.S. businesses and the placement of Chinese companies on American stock exchanges and indexes have also given the PRC enormous suasion over the avenues of American soft power. right
17 Before they decide whether to let this stand, congressional Republicans should probably have an uncomfortable conversation. left
18 Trump, who ran on a promise to build a southern border wall, used the outbreak as another opportunity to attack Democrats' position on immigration and border security. left
19 The whole endeavor, born of desperation, became an embarrassing fiasco for the president, but there was an underlying point of real significance: Trump and his allies realized that the American mainstream didn’t see the value of the regressive GOP tax plan, which disproportionately benefited the wealthy and big corporations. left
40 Omar believes USA Powerlifting is discriminating against males who identify as transgender women, based on the “myth” that they have a “direct competitive advantage” over biological females. right
41 Members of the German Green Party have proposed that so-called “climate refugees” should be allowed to move to the country and receive a German passport upon their arrival. right
42 The Trump administration has continued to deny climate change findings and make scientific reports inaccessible to the public. left
43 UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya’s comment that his opponent will "crumble like the Twin Towers", in addition to being terrible and inappropriate, also makes no sense. right
44 Abortion propaganda was always meant to obscure the reality of abortion, not justify it. right
45 Appearing Tuesday Cheddar Live, Rep. Maxine Waters (D) formally endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for the White House, claiming that President Donald Trump is “destroying America” and advocating for the killing of both black and white children in the wake of nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. right
46 Christians should make clear that the perpetuation of objectionable vaccines and the lack of alternatives is a kind of coercion. right
47 Anti-Vaxxer Rebecca Dalelio, 43, was taken into custody after she tossed a menstrual cup, which she said was filled with blood, from the public gallery as senators finished taking a vote at about 5:14 p.m. right
48 Donald Trump has taken heat for mostly refusing to mask up while performing his duties. This left the Biden camp with a choice to make when Joe woke up from political hibernation, and they went all in. right
49 As controversies about the “reopening” of America loom over our lives, nothing seems as intrinsically irrelevant — yet possibly as critically important — as how soon major spectator sports return. left
50 Abortionists, who prey on desperate people, should no longer receive your hard-earned tax dollars. right
51 New York Attorney General Letitia James said in her complaint, filed in Manhattan federal court earlier this month, that “PHEAA’s abuses have not only denied these dedicated public servants the benefits they have earned, but have undermined the goals of the loan forgiveness program.” left
52 In the months that followed, all independent polling has found the American mainstream not only blames Trump and his party for the shutdown, but also does not want to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on an ineffective and unnecessary border wall. left
53 Before we get to work dispensing these arguments, it’s important to acknowledge that they are, on some level, understandable. A lot of Americans, especially those who got their bachelor’s degree before the early 2000s, find it baffling that younger generations can’t work their way through college. left
54 Sen. Bernie Sanders finished ahead of Joe Biden in the first major national poll of the year that did not find the former vice president leading the pack of potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. center
55 In July 2019, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and other Democrats visited a similar processing center in Clint, Texas, and made explosive allegations about the conditions there. right
56 Democrats really don’t want to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a giant, ineffective border wall, so if Trump were try to come up with an offer designed to entice them, he’d have to propose something that would be (a) enormous; and (b) wildly unpopular among Republicans. left
57 Yet when researchers in the U.S. have been so corrupt they have gone to jail, mainstream scientists still accept their research. left
58 Kendrick, who, like many Planned Parenthood supporters, blames men for pro-life legislation while she ignores mention of the life of unborn babies, also drafted a “testicular bill of rights. right
59 Just because our attention is on the coronavirus, that doesn't mean the elephant in the room — climate change — is going anywhere. center
60 In the wake of the El Paso shooting, in which 22 were killed and 24 injured, the discovery of a racist manifesto that may be linked to the shooter has pushed white supremacist ideologies into prominence. center
61 It's not just governments and international organizations that have lined up to express dismay at Trump's move. Experts, entrepreneurs and others have also been quick to condemn the announcement. left
62 This is what Breitbart News has reported, based on publicly available data ignored by the anti-tariff crowd for over a year. right
63 They found that many disadvantaged white students reject the notion of their grand privileges and resented the key confessional component of white privilege education. right
64 Job and revenue losses prompted by the coronavirus will likely accelerate the depletion of Social Security and Medicare reserves, U.S. officials said on Wednesday as they released reports showing little change in the federal benefit programs’ pre-pandemic finances. center
65 Background checks required to buy firearms have spiked to record numbers in the past month, fueled by a run on guns from Americans worried about their safety during the coronavirus crisis. center
66 When far-right white evangelicals, white nationalists and coronavirus truthers rail against social distancing and encourage large gatherings, they are encouraging suicidal behavior. And there have been many examples. left
67 Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway campaign encouraging Americans to leave the Democrat Party and left-wing ideology, told Breitbart News on Saturday that many participants in the Women’s March in Washington, DC, don’t really know why they’re here. right
68 Holding a face mask draped over a pen in his left hand, and reading from a script evidently placed slightly off-camera, Biden labored through a presentation that sought to portray Trump as a plutocrat serving his cronies. right
69 Bush, who has largely avoided politics since leaving office in 2009, has recently weighed in on the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and the death of George Floyd — and while neither statement mentioned President Trump by name, they were regarded as veiled swipes at his handling of both matters. right
70 Finally, he launched into a meandering rant about Biden, suggesting that under the Obama administration, nothing was done to fix policing in the United States. While the previous administration surely didn’t do enough, and Biden himself has contributed to the criminal justice problems in the country, Trump completely ignored the fact that the Obama Justice Department actually did take significant steps toward reform following the protests in Ferguson. left
71 A plan known as the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act is a boon to Silicon Valley billionaires, big business elites, and outsourcing firms, as they would be able to readily import more lower-paid Indian and Chinese foreign workers to take American jobs that would have otherwise gone to American citizens. right
72 But instead of closing loopholes that allow criminals to access firearms, the bill by House Democrats could turn millions of law-abiding American gun owners into felons. right
73 There was no immediate confirmation from US officials about the alleged plan to slash US troop numbers in Germany and cap them at 25,000 in future. But Trump’s lukewarm support of longstanding cooperation agreements with European allies has long caused alarm on the continent. right
74 Other European countries have also said they will strip dual nationals who joined Islamic State of citizenship. center
75 An organization backed by Saudi Arabia accused several foreign countries of inciting young women to reject their families, the first public comments from Riyadh since a woman claiming domestic abuse was granted asylum in Canada over the weekend. center
76 Frustrated Democrats slammed Republicans for what they see as a debacle that could leave millions of Americans without health care. right
77 Such a ban would have been of little impact because the key element in such mass attacks is time, and the Virginia Tech attacker had all the time in the world because his targets could not shoot back; they were in a gun-free zone. right
78 Berlin is trying to stop Washington from persuading a German company seeking a coronavirus vaccine to move its research to the United States, prompting German politicians to insist no country should have a monopoly on any future vaccine. left
79 Despite Portman’s insistence that she has tried to advance female directors, only one of her feature films was directed by a female. right
80 Politicians have no business directing or defining patriotism — especially when their rhetoric sounds like 1950s-era Soviet sloganeering. right
81 For a lazy narcissist like Trump, that must have been a life-altering realization: Hollywood fakery can make even the biggest idiot appear smart and capable. So he has spent the entire presidency, which he thinks of more as a fake TV job than a real one, using photo-ops, pep rallies and other stunts to try to shape an image of himself as sharp and tough, an image that runs totally counter to reality. left
82 When carrying a firearm, you have the ultimate power of force in your control. right
83 While emphasizing he’s not singling out either party, Cohen warned about the danger of normalizing white supremacist ideology. center
84 Paul Whelan, the former U.S. Marine held in Moscow on spying charges, had online contact with more than 20 Russians with military backgrounds, an analysis of social media shows. center
85 More recently, a case this year was won against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, regarding the president’s direct involvement in the targeted killing of American journalist Marie Colvin amid the vicious civil war and dissident crackdown in 2012. right
86 On one hand, it’s true that a female candidate would face an uphill battle against the ingrained sexism of the electorate, not to mention the vicious misogyny of Donald Trump. left
87 Trump lost no time in tweeting his delight at the court’s ruling on a complaint brought by several Republican attorneys general and two Republican governors. right
88 In addition to more background checks, Biden advocates so-called “smart guns” that require owners’ biometrics to pull the trigger. center
89 Meanwhile, Americans and foreigners scrambled to work out what it meant for their plans to travel to the U.S. Others questioned the logic of Trump's move and whether it would actually help the effort to slow the spread of the contagion. left
90 But there may be a more innocuous place for white supremacist propaganda to spread: Amazon currently sells multiple books that espouse racist and white supremacist ideologies on its platform. center
91 Klobuchar, who reportedly finished the night with the second-most speaking time, suggested during the debate that the tax cut legislation President Trump signed in 2017 mainly benefited his wealthy friends. right
92 Reducing the upper tax rate can often, counterintuitively, increase total government tax revenue — because the rich, instead of engaging in complicated (but legal) tax avoidance schemes, are happy to pay what they consider a fair rate. right
93 This prohibition is but the first portion of the implementation of I-1639, the gun control initiative pushed by millionaires and billionaires and passed by voters on November 6, 2018. right
94 The case of Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun drawn new global attention to Saudi Arabia’s strict social rules, including a requirement that women have the permission of a male “guardian” to travel, which rights groups say can trap women and girls as prisoners of abusive families. center
95 The White House said on Monday that President Donald Trump was not firing U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci despite his retweet of a supporter’s #FireFauci message. center
96 Liberals, sadly, were not prepared to let whiteness remain Times New Roman. They poked and they prodded, and eventually got the resentful backlash they were provoking. right
97 On top of the enormous financial impact, these beauty regimens require these women to take the time out of their busy schedules to attend to their appearances in a way that men in power are spared. left
98 Peace and justice advocates are praising a letter from a dozen House Democrats urging further military aid to Israel be conditioned on the state not annexing larger swaths of the occupied West Bank and calling on Congress to ensure the human rights of the Palestinian people be respected. left
99 Donald Trump used his mighty Twitter platform to drum up business for his golf course in Los Angeles on Sunday. U.S. deaths from COVID-19 neared 80,000, but the president didn’t tweet about that. left
100 But, whether this switch constitutes a true win for the racist right or not, it’s clear that MAGA conservatives are highly attuned to how decisions are made in the White House and which positions they want to control. left
101 Pope Francis named the first woman to hold a high-ranking post in the Secretariat of State, the male-dominated Vatican's diplomatic and administrative nerve center. left
102 That is because much of what Newsom and the Democrats value in California has to do with good intentions, rather than real-world results. right
103 Amplifying fresh critiques of wealthy inequality that have mounted throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos—the world’s richest man—has added nearly $24 billion to his already massive fortune in 2020 as virus-related lockdowns across the globe have forced people to stay inside and fueled increased e-commerce demand. left
104 What this means is that in these particular countries, local law enforcement agree to not enforce anti-gun laws, especially dangerous radical ones like confiscation, bans, mandatory registration, and limiting the size of magazines. right
105 Top Democrat and GOP members of the House Armed Services Committee ducked and dodged when a Pentagon official said the sex of transgender soldiers is decided by their biology, not by their claimed “gender identity.” right
106 Facebook is banning white nationalism and white supremacy from its social network following criticism that it had not done enough to eliminate hate speech on its platform. left
107 The targeted killing is the latest demonstration of how, two decades after the CIA spotted but was unable to kill a man they

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