Chat with us, powered by LiveChat With no rules, I have one hour Youtube meeting about Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association February 2023 Community Meeting with LA County. Please I want the following: 3 p - Essayabode

With no rules, I have one hour Youtube meeting about Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association February 2023 Community Meeting with LA County. Please I want the following: 3 p

With no rules, I have one hour Youtube meeting about Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association February 2023 Community Meeting with LA County.

Please I want the following:

3 pages double-spaced summary including just the main points and what's going on at this meeting and try to use bullet points, I have a simple in the files, please look into it. 

So, most of it is like bullet points just like the example,

The youtube video.


SOHA meeting


Elias Al Hamrashdi


· President of SOHA Matt and VP Bob Anderson introduce themselves and other members on the board.


· Senior Lead Officers give their reports.

· Break ins and burglaries on Ventura Blvd. west of Van Nuys toward Sepulveda

· Crime rates in the area increased by 30%, while Property crime increased up by 4%

· Concerns of burglary and long wait times on phone calls to the police station.

· Neighborhood Prosecutor for the City Attorney

· Ventura and Stern concerns: Working with local government and law enforcement to prevent negative attention.

· Working with CD4 and LAPD: Collaborating with local police and Council District 4.

· Making more progress: Taking steps to improve the situation.

· Trying to prevent the negative attention that the city has been getting by stopping negative publicity.

· Communicating and collaborating with businesses on Ventura

· Field Deputy for Council Member

· Women’s wellness workshop: Free self-defense class offered October 22nd or 23rd.

· Event on October 29th at the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park at 5:30

· Department of Transportation speed hump application open for public use.

· Homeless count numbers CD4 saw unsheltered homeless go down 4%

· Committee report

· State housing bills: Legislation proposed to change state housing regulations.

· Local concerns about rezoning: Areas in the neighborhood are being considered for rezoning.

· Overlays: 5-7 story apartment buildings in single family housing neighborhoods: Proposals to construct taller buildings in single-family housing areas.

· Want housing placed in commercial areas: Suggestions to build housing in commercial districts.

· Want to move the overlays: Attempts to relocate the proposed overlay changes.

· Metro Sepulveda Corridor Project Updates

· Issues with metro communicating with the public: Metro has not been communicating their plans effectively with the public.

· Don’t consider affordability: Metro has not taken affordability into account.

· Every metro project has been grossly over budget.

· Misses’ poorer communities in LA: Poorer communities in LA have not been given consideration.

· Avoiding affordable railways: Affordable railway options have been overlooked.

· Denying the wishes of neighborhoods and businesses: Neighborhoods and businesses have not had their wishes taken into account.

· Chair of SOHA Homelessness Committee

· Members of the committee working on fostering cooperation of law enforcement to enforce maximum permissible enforcement by law against homelessness encroachments

· Cultivate relationships with new businesses

· Social media presence – Next Door and Facebook

· Fundraising and private security to provide extra pressure for a safe residency

Questions for Candidates:

· LA County 3rd District Supervisor Bob Hertzberg and Lindsay Horvath

· Questions on Homelessness impact on business owners; division of responsibility on the city for tackling the mental health/homeless issue

· LA Homeless Service Authority budget $800 million – motion report generated – should lahsa be reformed or reorganized

· Senate Bill 1338 – December 1st 2024 deadline to implement – How will they support people in need?

· LA Ordinance 41.18 roles on fixing this

· Transportation – metro decision – as supervisor what will you do to fix the metro decision that affects this community?

· Parking criteria and housing development, no mass transit system in the valley – what do you propose for transit issues in the valley?

· What will you do to improve safety in working with the Sheriff’s department?

Lindsey Horvath’s Answers:

· Identify the issues and then solve them, get people off the streets and connect them to housing and care for health, mental health, or drug issues

· Street teams to connect individuals to get them help with service, housing, and systems of care

· Housing options for everyone – affordable housing to prevent more homelessness

· Action immediately, working with the sheriff’s department to place people into care rather than placing them in jail

· Supports local control but wants people to be protected amongst communities – county needs to deliver care for people on the streets

· Gather community support and stop spending money on alignments that don’t help the community, wants to save time and money and bring awareness to whats going on in the Sepulveda line

· Expand and improve bus lines – reliable transportation, more stops, shady stops, and benches, improve safety, provide more services like dash line and city bikes, encourage public transportation

· Hold elected officials accountable – stop finger counting, wants service providers and people with homeless experience to have a say in how lahsa should be reformed, wants accountability in the sheriff’s department work together to make sure law enforcement has the resources to make the community safer

Bob Hertzberg’s Answers:

· Set up a plan, put money into mental health, transitional housing, communicate with the governor and create a pilot project

· Agrees to set up a plan, put money into mental health, transitional housing. – Communicate with the governor and create a pilot project

· Agrees with 41.18, people need to be protected first and homelessness need to stay out of school and business zones – inconvenience, wants people off the streets as fast as possible

· Management issues, metro doesn’t consider costs, wants communities’ questions answered, focusing on management

· Develop more parking, make more changes as we evolve

· Stop pointing fingers and work with one another

· Working with sheriff Luna to do this – liability trust fund.


ShermanOaksHomeownersAssociation914. (2023, February). SOHA February 2023 Community Meeting.

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